David Vargas
Project Manager

Bali Construction, Inc., hired me straight out of college in June 2011. During and after the interview process, the owners of Bali, Ted and Mike, made me well aware of opportunities for growth within Bali. They explained not only the work expectations at Bali, but the expectations at any other company should I ever decide to work elsewhere. These expectations are: honesty, integrity, hard work, a great attitude, and most important to love what you do. At Bali, I have learned that construction is a great career and if you work hard, it’ll treat you well.

I started as a Driver, delivering materials and equipment to projects. During that phase, I was asked if I would be interested in learning the process of as-builts. I accepted and they scheduled my days as a part time driver and part time as-builts worker. Several months after, a Project Administrator position opened up full time and I was asked if I was interested. Extremely excited, I filled the role and began learning the contract side of construction, all with help from various mentors in and outside the office. A couple of years later, Ted and Mike offered me the position of Project Engineer. I transitioned out of the PA role and began helping Project Managers on active projects. Soon after, I was running small projects with the supervision and guidance of General Superintendent, Javier Ortega. I was then promoted to Project Manager; a title I’ve held proud for the past 5+ years. I’m now responsible for the timely completion of construction work, within budget and in accordance with all contract requirements. I’m responsible for the coordination of construction documents, field personnel, billings, purchasing, subcontractors, vendors/suppliers, job costs, budgets, schedules, change orders, negotiations and continuous problem solving.

Outside of work, you can find me on stage singing Karaoke with either a machine or a live mariachi.