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In the past few years, the Port of Los Angeles has made a significant effort to improve its facilities and the surrounding areas. Part of the work involves street improvements that include not only making the pavement smoother, but installing new underground utilities.

Because the projects are close to the ocean, the water table is high. With heavy traffic in the area, work space is at a premium. There’s also a glut of older utility lines spread out in every direction. None of those challenges hinders South El Monte-based Bali Construction.
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Bali Construction, Inc. is continuing to work on The Campus, an industrial/commercial development located in El Segundo that covers approximately forty-seven acres. Bali Construction’s role in this massive development is the installation of all wet utilities. The company began work on the project in November 2006.

By the time work is completed on the project in April of this year Bali Construction will have installed a total of 11,000 lineal ft. of water, 5,000 ft. of sewer and 4,300 ft. of storm drainage. 

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