Matt AtkinsonSenior Estimator

In 1997, I was working on the Staples Center project for another company. We were constructing the underground concrete structures for the storm drain and sewer systems. Halfway through the job, my boss informed me that our company was shutting our doors and Mike Brooks, the owner of Bali Construction, Inc., was picking up myself and my crew. I had no idea who Bali was and already had my feelers out on where I was going to work once the project ended, so I gave Bali a shot. This ended up being the best decision of my career.

I worked at Bali as a Concrete Structure Foreman for 15 years, before I was given the opportunity to move into the office and learn the world of estimating. It was a tough transition as I was overwhelmed with computers and different software systems, but over a short time I was able to figure everything out. I have now been in the Estimating Department at Bali for 9 years. Over the course of those 9 years, I have expanded my knowledge of the pipe side of the business. It’s been a great ride and I’m looking forward to learning more at Bali and eventually retiring from this great company.